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Did you know that Karate was not developed for sport, character building or fitness?


Was developed for one purpose:




That's why at our Dojo the philosophy and style is based firstly on self-defence, then the rest follows.


Our aim is to teach the best of traditional and modern karate. The classes ran in a safe and friendly environment, with respect and disciplined making it suitable for everyone to learn and enjoy the training.

The school accepts the students from the age of five and has a full curriculum for the students to develop.

Taking Up Karate

Karate can be a very healthy and exciting addition to your life.

Is a great way to keep fit make friends and some fun while learning something for life. Karate for some people over time becomes like a little religion that keeps them inline and focused.
This is because of the common principles that karate has to offer from discipline, respect, value life & people to self-defence and fitness.


Here are some more benefits of training karate: higher self-confidence, mental and physical co-ordination, balance and stability, respect, strength, flexibility, concentration, sense of wellbeing and much more... Read full blog

Black Belts

Checkout what our junior black belts have to say about karate... Click here

Latest Karate Video

Checkout what we do and how we train. Here's our latest video from training and grading. More videos available on our YouTube channel.


Group Training

We also offer group training for who like to learn self-defence or just want do some karate classes for themselves, friends or family. The classes available to both kids and adults.

Karate in Schools

We're also interested in working with schools in the area. If you are a representative of a school and you would like to have a karate class at your school, please contact us to discuss it further.


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Our karate classes are held at Porchester Centre and various locations in London.

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