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Junior Black Belts

Checkout what our junior Black Belts have to say about practicing karate. Learn more


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Academy Dojo

At Academy Dojo now you can pay per class. Cost per class is £10. Terms apply,  Learn more



Until 20.12.18


Academy Dojo.

Monday … mixed kata & kumite  Wednesday ... mixed kata & kumite - plus 30 min dedicated to advanced Kata  Saturday ... kunite based  Sunday ... kata based


Porchester Dojo.

Thursday ... kata (performance) based  Friday ... mixed kata and kumite - plus 15 min dedicated to advance KATA  Saturday ... kumite based - plus self-defense techniques for advanced levels.  Sunday ... kata based - plus 15 min dedicated to advance KATA




 Training Terms & Fees  

 Student's Zone




 Karate as a self defense  

 Practice intelligently  

 The journey to Black Belt




Existing students can purchase the following items from us.


T-shirts ... £20
Club Badge ... £5
Karate Suit ... £25 or two for £45
Gloves ... £15
Lose your Belts? ... £5
Lose your license? ... £10
Mouth Guard ... £3  


Other protective gear is available. If interested please ask the sensei.

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Our karate classes are held at Porchester Centre and various locations in London.

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