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Since practice is to a great degree repetition, there may be a tendency to mindlessly repeat movements over and over and over. While this certainly helps, much better results are obtained if thought is constantly applied during practice. In the beginning, work slowly and concentrate on form. The quality of time spent is more important than the amount of time spent. If you practice 200 hundred kicks a break neck speed, you will only become very good at throwing a bad kick.


There are two keys to intelligent practice and improvement in Karate-Do. These are visualization and repetition, which involve both mental and physical processes.


Visualization: While watching higher belts or black belts perform technique(s) (punches, kicks, combinations, or kata); visualize yourself as that person doing the movements. Use all of your senses to make this as real an experience as possible. Determine what muscles are used and in what order. The more complete the mental picture, the more rapid the improvement.


Repetition: With every repetition, the technique or movement should more closely resemble your vivid mental image.


Repetition is the mother of all skill.


In summary, the learning process is a constant effort to vividly imagine, and with each mental or physical repetition, one moves closer to that ideal image. Visualization and repetition reinforce one another. This is the way we practice intelligently.


Positive Self-Talk
What is a goal?
A dream with a deadline!


Compare these two sets of attitudes.


Winning attitudes:
Confidence, optimism, eagerness, enthusiasm, hopefulness, determination.


A winner’s self-talk includes phrases like:


“I want to! I can do it! I will do it!”


Going hand in hand with intelligent practice there is need for a new vocabulary- one that expresses a sense of “positive expectancy.” For every one of your goals, make it a habit to repeat to yourself “I want to – I can.”


Putting this into practice is easy. Suppose a kick of punch combination does not work in a kumite match. Do you say, “Boy was that stupid? I will never do that again.” Or do you say, “Next time, I will be smoother, my fake will be more realistic, and my kick will be more accurate. I will score with it!”


Replace the word “try” with “will” in your self-talk vocabulary. “Try” implies a built in chance of failure. “Will” implies realization of one's plans and goals.


Positive attitudes will encourage you and others around you, to be the best you can be.


Losing attitudes: 
Doubt, pessimism, indifference, cynicism, and despair.


Losers say:


“I have to. I can’t. I will try


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